Using our FIBRE LASER machine we can achieve incredibly fine detailed engraving making this the perfect tool for carbon steels, brass, aluminium and certain grades of stainless steel.


We get great results on Machine Data Plates for example with anodised aluminium panels, making this an ideal choice for high volume items placed into harsh industrial environments. For harder steel surfaces, i.e. high density stainless steel, we ‘emboss’ the design onto the surface using a specially developed dry compound which is sprayed onto the panel and then heat gelled using one of our CO2 Laser machines. The final cured finish gives a sharp, clear black image which is weather resistant and will not rub off.


Where customers require a non-standard profile engraved in high volumes, then we have the required shapes (blanks) pre-cut in large sheets by one of our supply partners. This service can be provided to suit almost any steel type.

Our ROTARY machine enables us to create the more classic style engravings. In contrast to the high tech laser based solutions the rotary machine, as the name suggests, actually machines away metal from the surface of the material. This is ideal for creating traditional pieces in softer metals such as polished brass, using a colured paint infill to create the required highlights.

Laser Cutting


The range of acrylics is seemingly endless. There are solid colour and clear Perspex materials in various thicknesses which provide a great alternative to glass and are much more resistant to breaking or cracking.

Two colour laminated acrylics are made up with a base layer of one colour and a top ‘cap’ in another. These are available in many colour combinations making them ideal for small signage jobs. Brushed gold and silver capped sheets provide a cheaper alternative solution for more expensive materials such as polished brass and stainless steel where the top cap can be laser engraved away to reveal a black base colour. Glitter and mirror finishes are also available for fun commercial and wedding event projects.

We cut and engrave all of these material types on our CO2 laser machines giving a precise and accurate finish to any job which can be replicated consistently for high volumes.



Wood is probably considered to be the staple material for CO2 laser cutting and engraving.


Laserply is available in various laminated wood types including poplar and birch supplied in thicknesses up to 9mm. We have even bonded two panels together for a customer who required a set of 18mm thick profiled letters! As well as using plain standard sheet stock we also manufacture items in laser ply veneered with a variety of attractive wood finishes ranging from oak to walnut. These produce an exceptionally high end finish to gift boxes and decorative pieces alike.


Because wood is a natural material and each piece differs from the next, we are careful to choose only the best quality Italian Poplar wood. Our machines are set to cut with just the right amount of compressed air supply to give the cleanest of finishes when cutting. 


We work hard to avoid those horrible brown singed edge surfaces so often common with this process!



Our capability for creative design work led us naturally into the production of signage for industrial companies and retail businesses.


One of the key products used by the sign making industry is coloured, adhesive backed Vinyl Film available in a myriad of colours and grades to suit any particular application. Vinyl films are precision cut on our Roland Vinyl Cutter before being transferred onto a flat, closed surface. Acrylic panels or aluminium sheets are ideal for this purpose. Where multiple coloured images or logos are required we produce these using a Dye Sublimation Printing process. The print is transferred either onto sticky backed vinyl film or aluminium composite panel.


The composite panel we use mostly is Dibond®, a preformed material in various thicknesses and comprising a rubberised core sandwiched between two wafer thin aluminium sheets. This versatile product provides a durable yet lightweight solution for general signage applications.